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Our PhD and MFA graduate students are a dynamic group of writers, scholars, and teachers, trained in a diverse range of critical approaches and areas of study, who produce innovative dissertations and theses. In addition, our students receive extensive teacher training, thus presenting substantial teaching experience to prospective employers in addition to scholarly excellence. Cornell graduate students teach multiple seminars in the university-wide First-year Writing Program, an experience which prepares them to design and teach courses in creative writing, literature, and cultural studies to a range of students, including agriculture and engineering majors, as well as students in the humanities and social sciences.

The following is an alphabetical list by category of English Department MFA candidates, Joint MFA/PhD candidates, PhD candidates, and recent graduates who are currently teaching in the English Department as Lecturers. Also indicated are those students who are on the job market.

PhD + MFA Lecturers

Lanre Akinsiku, Fiction Writer
Cornell University, MFA; University of California, Berkeley, BA
Lanre grew up in the Bay Area and received a BA in International Political Economy from UC Berkeley. Before coming to Cornell, he worked as a political consultant, high school teacher, travel writer and deliveryman. He nonfiction essays have been published in Zócalo Public Square, The Washington Post and Gawker. Thesis: Before We Crossed Over.

Travis Duprey, Poet 
Cornell University, MFA; Arizona State University, BS
Travis received a Certificate of Completion in Journalism from Paradise Valley Community College and a BS in Justice Studies from Arizona State University. Research interests: contemporary lyric poetry, digital and process-based poetics, the materiality of texts and surfaces, poetics as critical exegesis/new critical methodologies. Thesis: Notes From The Symposia.

Liza Flum, Poet (Job Market Candidate) 
Cornell University, MFA; Harvard University, BA
Liza grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been a fellowship recipient at the Summer Literary Seminars and the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets and a poetry editor for Omnidawn Publishing. Research interests: Poetry, Digital humanities, Digital pedagogy. Thesis: Guy Lines, a collection of poems.

Alex Harmon, Joseph F. Martino '53 Lecturer 
Cornell University, PhD; University of Virginia, MA; Wake Forest, BA
Alex is a PhD graduate in English Language and Literature and the most recent recipient of the Joseph F. Martino Lectureship in Undergraduate Teaching. Dissertation: The Spirit of the Law: The Haunting of U.S. Federal Indian Law in the Contemporary Western.

Vincent Hiscock, Poet 
Cornell University, MFA; Vassar College, BA
Research interests: Poetry; Continental Philosophy with an emphaiss on Twentieth Century; Modernism; Contemporary Art. Thesis: Designated Wilderness.

Samson Jardine, Poet (Job Market Candidate) 
Cornell University, MFA; University of Rhode Island, BA
Samson was born in Boston and raised in Rhode Island. He studied at Parsons school of Design and University of Rhode Island. In 2014, he received the Rhode Island Council of the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. Research interests: Narrative Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Dramatic Poetry. Thesis: After August.

Cody Klippenstein, Fiction Writer (Job Market Candidate), website
Cornell University, MFA; University of Victoria, BFA
Cody grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work has won the Zoetrope: All-Story short fiction prize, The Fiddlehead short fiction prize, was a finalist for The Malahat Review's Open Season Award, and earned her an Aspen Words Emerging Writer Fellowship for 2015. Research interests: fractured narrative, speculative fiction, domestic fabulism, weird tales, hybrid forms of fiction and poetry. Thesis: The Light Years, a novel.

Richard LaRose, Poet  
Cornell University, MFA; University of Alberta, BA
Richard is a Métis poet who grew up near Buffalo Lake, Alberta, Canada. Before attending Cornell, he studied poetry under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott in Gros Islet, St. Lucia. Research interests: ancestry; family; the contemporary; the historical; Indigenous futures and sustainable interactions with place as a holistic framework. Thesis: AEN OOSHCHIMINAMIHK.

Ling Ma, Fiction Writer (Job Market Candidate), website
Cornell University, MFA; Univrsity of Chicago, BA
Ling was born in Sanming, China and lived in Chicago. Prior to Cornell, she was a journalist and books editor. Her writings have appeared in PlayboyGrantaChicago ReaderNinth Letter, ACM and elsewhere. She is the winner of the 2014 Texas Observer Short Story Contest. Thesis: Chinese Bible (awarded the 2015 Graywolf SLS Prize).

Aurora Masum-Javed, Poet
Cornell University, MFA; George Mason University, MA; University of California, Berkeley, BA
Research interests: Political Poetry; Art in Revolutionary Moments; Performance Art. Thesis: Daughter//Tongue.

Lena Nguyen, Fiction Writer (Job Market Candidate) 
Cornell University, MFA; Arizona State University, BA
Lena was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in Political Science from Arizona State University, in addition to her MFA from Cornell. Lena’s work has appeared in the Harvard Review and the book Creating Life from Life: Science Fiction and Biotechnology. Her fiction has won multiple awards in competitions such as the worldwide Writers of the Future contest. She enjoys teaching, writing, and free-lance editing. Lena is currently at work on her second speculative fiction novel. Thesis: We Have Always Been Here.

Kirsten Saracini, Fiction Writer 
Cornell University, MFA; University of Pennsylvania, BA
Kirsten was born in Atlantic City and raised outside of Philadelphia. She has worked in hospitals and high schools and was most recently an editorial assistant at One Story. She is at work on a narrative nonfiction project. Thesis: Freaky Willy & Other Stories.

Mary-Margaret Stevens, Fiction Writer 
Cornell University, MFA; Cornell University, BA
Mary-Margaret was born and raised in upstate New York. Her work has won the Arthur Lynn Andrews Award for Fiction three times, received an honorable mention for the George Harmon Coxe Award in Creative Writing, and appeared in Syracuse University’s Stone Canoe. Thesis: The Boys.

Christine Vines, Fiction Writer 
Cornell University, MFA; Vassar College, BA
Christine is at work on a collection of short stories and a novel. For four years, she ran the Fiction Addiction reading series in New York City. Thesis: Jubilee.

Tess Wheelwright, Fiction Writer (Job Market Candidate) 
Cornell University, MFA; University of Edinburgh, MS; Yale University, BA
Tess is from Boston and has lived in recent years in Lisbon, in Mexico City and in Peekskill, NY. Her stories have appeared in The Paris Review, The Yale Review, The Massachusetts Review, Crazyhorse, and the New Haven Review. Thesis: Until the Mother.

Renia White, Poet  
Cornell University, MFA; Howard University, BA
Renia grew up in District Heights, MD and Riverdale, GA and has trained with various organizations in the journalism industry. She is the winner of the 2016 Sonora Review Poetry contest. Her work has been featured in: The Body Narratives, Episodic Magazine, The New Guard, Stone Canoe and The Offing. Her poetry has been named a finalist for honors such as the Knightville Poetry Contest and the Pocataligo Poetry Prize. She received the 2015 Hurston/Wright Founding Members Award for College Writers. Thesis: By Omission.

Korey Williams, Poet
Cornell University, MFA; University of Chicago, MA; Illinois Wesleyan University, BA
Korey grew up in suburban Chicago. During his undergraduate career, he studied abroad at Hertford College, University of Oxford. He participated in the 2012 Summer Workshop organized by the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers in Andover, MA. Williams has worked as a Library and Learning Support Assistant at the National Louis University in Downtown Chicago. His poetry has been published in Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry. Williams is currently composing a novel-in-verse. Thesis: Bound.


Rocio Anica, Fiction Writer, website
University of Southern California, BA
Research interests: Chicanismo/Xixanismx, Intertextuality, Postcolonial Feminism, DIY Countercultures/Artivism.

Cristina Correa, Poet
University of Illinois at Chicago, MA; Columbia College Chicago, BA

Mario Giannone, Fiction Writer
Rutgers University, BA

Neal Giannone, Fiction Writer
University of British Columbia, BA
Research interests: Absurd Fiction, Language, and Feminisms.

Peter Gilbert, Fiction Writer
University of New Hampshire, MA; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA
Research interests: modernism, postmodernism, neoliberalism, terrorism.

Annie Goold, Poet
University of Illinois at Chicago, BS

Shakarean Hutchinson, Fiction Writer
College of Charleston, BA
Research interests: The Short Story, Black Women Literature, Women of Color Literature, Intersectionality, The Modern Day American South.

Jasmine Jay, Poet
Lafayette College, BA

Shane Kowalski, Fiction Writer
Ursinus College, BA

Cary Marcous, Poet
University of Florida, BA

Emily Rosello Mercurio, Poet, website
Wheaton College, BA
Research interests: contemporary poetry, ecopoetics, intersectional feminism.

Carl Moon, Poet
Bowdoin College, BA
Research interests: 20th Century American Poetry, Postcolonial Literature, Surveillance.

Michael Prior, Poet
University of Toronto, MA; University of British Columbia, BA

Weena Pun, Fiction Writer, website
Stanford University, BA
Rsearch interests: Injustice, Inequality, Poverty.

Leo Ríos, Fiction Writer
University of California at Los Angeles, BA

Lindsey Warren, Poet
Wilmington University, BA
Research interests: Art History, Mythology, Mycology, Surrealism, Psychology.

Joint MFA / PhD

Christopher Berardino, Fiction Writer
University of California, Berkeley, BA

Hema Surendranathan, Fiction Writer
Bryn Mawr College, BA
Research interests: 20th and 21st Century American and British Literature, Narrative Theory, Law and Literature, Trauma Theory.


Jessica Abel
Trinity University, BA
Research interests: Modernism, Narratology, Formalism, James Joyce, Hemingway. Dissertation: Teaching Joyce's Ulysses: Laying Foundations for First-Time Readers.

David Aichenbaum
Tufts University, BA
Research interests: 18th Century British Literature, Narrative Theory, History of the Novel, 18th Century Moral and Aesthetic Philosophy.

Esmeralda Arrizon-Palomera
Loyola-Marymount University, BA

Christina Black
Oxford University, MSt; Barnard College, BA
Research interests: 18th c. British literature (especially Swift, Pope, Fielding, and Sterne); Metaphors of digestion (especially appetite, incorporation and waste); Rhetoric; Hermeneutics. Dissertation: How Fielding, Swift (and probably Sterne) train their readers / critics to receive their works through materials and metaphors of appetite, digestion, and waste.

Nicolette Bragg (Job Market Candidate)
Clemson University, BA
Research interests: Contemporary World Literature; Feminism, Sexuality, and Gender Studies; Critical theory. Dissertation: Creature of Theory: The Mother as Figure of Thought.

Michaela Brangan
Cardozo School of Law, JD; University of Washington, BA

Gregory Brazeal
Harvard Law School, JD; Stanford University, BA
Research interests: Law and Literature; Political Theory; American Literature; Modernism

Abram Coetsee
University of California, Berkeley, BA

David Cosca
San Francisco State University, MA; University of California, Berkeley, BA

Verdie Culbreath
Northeastern University, MA; University of Texas at Austin, BA
Research interests: American Literature to 1865; The Civil War; Visual Studies; The History of Photography; Critical Race Studies; Queer Studies; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Ezra Dan Feldman (Job Market Candidate), website
Cornell University, MFA; Harvard College, BA
Research interests: Narrative Studies, Character, Science Studies, ​Speculative Fiction, Speculative Realism, Creative and Expository Writing. Dissertation: Flat Narratology: Surface, Depth, and Speculation in Contemporary Metafiction, argues for the narrative significance of such objects as phrases, frames, and events on a par with character, setting, and plot.

Jane Glaubman
University of California, Berkeley, ABD Eng. Lit.; Northeastern University, BA

Jesse Goldberg (Job Market Candidate), website
SUNY Geneseo, BA
Research interests: Black studies; American studies; African American literature (19th century to present); performance studies; race, law, policing, and carcerality studies; Black feminist theory; queer of color critique; temporality. Dissertation: The Excessive Present of Slavery: Between Ethics and Law in Literature and Performance.

Amber Harding, website
Colgate University, BA
Research interests: Modernism, 20th Century Literature, Narrative Theory, Architecture and Space in Literature, Speculative Fiction.

James Ingoldsby
University of Sussex, MA; Vassar College, BA
Research interests: 20th Century and Contemporary American Poetry, African American Literature, Marxist Literary Theory.

Molly Katz
Colorado College, BA

Matthew Kibbee
Tufts University, MA; University of Chicago, BA

Jungmin Kim
University at Buffalo, MA; University at Buffalo, BA

Lena Krian
University of Mainz, MA
Research interests: Contemporary American Literature (with a focus on indigenous literatures, spatial studies, settler colonialism, and gender studies). Dissertation: The Prison of My Skin: Confinement and Relationality in Contemporary Native American Literature focuses on confined spaces: the boarding school, the prison, the reservation, and the nation.

Ji Hyun Lee, website
New York University, MA; Brown University, BA
Research interests: 20th- and 21st-century American and British literature; Literary criticism and theory; Trauma studies; Holocaust studies; Apocalyptic literature; Science fiction; African American literature; Modernism and postmodernism. Dissertation: Science Fiction and Trauma: The Apocalyptic Tradition since World War I explores the relationship between science fiction and the conceptualization of trauma by 1) articulating how traumatic events are at the heart of science fiction and 2) examining the entanglement between the emergence of science fiction and the development of the science of traumatic experience.

Matthew McConnell (Job Market Candidate)
Cornell University, PhD; University of Tulsa, BA

Kenneth Morrison
Western KY University, MA; Duke University, BA

Kaylin O'Dell (Job Market Candidate)
Vassar College, BA
Research interests: medieval literature (with a focus on theories of reading, performance, and rhetoric in Anglo-Saxon England). Dissertation: Theatre of the Mind: Performance and Private Reading in Anglo-Saxon England, studies the relationship between performance, textuality, and private reading—specifically, how medieval texts act as spiritual guides or scripts that embed themselves within the mind, affecting and instructing the devotional experience.

Nasrin Olla
University of Cape Town, BA

Zachary Price, website
University of Chicago, BA
Research interests: Gender and Sexuality, Cinema Studies, Horror, Queer Theory. Dissertation: focuses on disease narratives in 21st century cinema.

Nancy Quintanilla (Job Market Candidate)
University of California-Irvine, BA

Daniel Radus
Penn State, MA; Cornell University, BA

Jonathan Reinhardt
University of Chicago, MS; Loyola University of Chicago, BA

Emily Rials (Job Market Candidate)
Stanford University, BA

Mee-Ju Ro
University of Toronto, MA; Queen's University, BAH

Aaron Rosenberg
Cornell University, PhD; Oxford, MSt; Duke University, BA

Sara Schlemm
Yale University, BA

Ben Tam
Georgetown University, MA; University of Hong Kong, BA

Ruoji Tang (Job Market Candidate)
University of California, Berkeley, BA
Research interests: British and European Romanticism, Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Poetics, Aesthetics, Environmental Criticism. Dissertation: Romanticism and the Persistence of Nature argues for the environmentalist legacy of a "rhetoric of nature" drawn from British Romanticism that challenges the globalizing tendencies of contemporary ecological thought.

Katherine Lonsdale Waller
McGill University, MA; Rice University, BA

Mariam Wassif
University of Georgia; BA

Claire Whitenack (Job Market Candidate)
University of Oregon, MFA; University of Cambridge, MPhil; University of Virginia, BA
Research interests: Old English Literature; The History of Science (especially medicine); Medieval Prognostics, Regimens, and Computi; Verse in Medieval Medical Texts.

PhD: Year Three

Mariana Alarcon
Universtiy of Colorado, Boulder, MA; Southern Methodist University, BA

Elizabeth Alexander, website
Amherst College, BA
Research interests: Queer literature, Black literature, Afrofuturism/speculative blackness.

Kristen Angierski
SUNY Buffalo, MA; Cornell University, BA
Research interests: Ecocriticism and Ecofeminism, Animal Studies, the Anthropocene, "Cli-Fi" (literary fiction about climate change), Environmental Law, Water Scarcity.

Marquis Bey, website
Lebanon Valley College, BA
Research interests: Black Feminist Theorizing, Critical Theory, Transgender Studies, 21st Century African American Literature.

Gabriella Friedman
Whitman College, BA
Research interests: 20th and 21st American Literature, African American Literature, Native American Literature, Speculative Fiction, Feminist and Gender Studies, Ghosts and Spectrality.

Amelia Hall
Georgetown University, BA
Research interests: Nineteenth Century British Literature, Digital Humanities, History and Theory of the Novel, Science and Literature, Literary Formalism, Religion.

Matthew Kilbane
Purdue University, MFA; Oberlin College, BA
Research interests: Twentieth-century American poetry, Lyric, Technology and literature, Popular song.

Thom May
Cambridge University, MPhil; University of Warwick, BA

Brianna Thompson
University of Virginia, MA; University of Nevada, Reno, BA

Katherine Thorsteinson
University of Manitoba, MA; University of Toronto, BA

Amber Vasquez
California State University, Los Angeles, MA; California State University, San Bernardino, BA

PhD: Year Two

Pichaya Damrongpiwat    
Yale University, BA
Research interests: 18th-century British Literature, Gender, Affect Theory.

Laura Francis
University of Pennsylvania, BA

Stephen Kern Kim
Yale University, BA
Research interests: Early Modern Literature & Culture, Poetry & Prose, Feminist & Queer Theory, History of Science, Asian-American Studies, Pedagogy.

Seth Hunter Koproski
New York University, MA; University of Connecticut, BA + BFA
Research interests: Old and Middle English, Irish Language and Literature, History of the English Language, Travel Narratives, Medieval Gender and Sexuality.

Noah Lloyd
Colorado College, BA
Research interests: Subjectivity in the eighteenth century, Technology and media studies, Genre fiction (sci-fi and horror), Experimental poetry and prose.

Becky Lu
University of Pennsylvania, BA
Research interests: 16th & 17th century poetry and prose, history of medicine and the body, material texts and textual production, classical reception, devotional texts, feminist and gender studies.

Madeline Reynolds
Carleton College, BA
Research interests: Romantic poetry, Ecocriticism, Gender and sexuality studies, Literature and science, Enlightenment.

Elisabeth Strayer
Bowdoin College, BA
Research interests: Victorian Literature, Modernism, Visual Culture, Literature and Photography, Ecocriticism, Urban Narratives.

PhD: Year One

Malcolm Bare
University of Virginia, MA; Rutgers University, BA

Martin Cain, website
University of Mississippi, MA; Hamilton College, BA
Research interests: Contemporary Experimental Poetry, The Pastoral, Ecocriticism, Postmodernism, Multimedia Poetics.

Philippa Chun
University of Edinburgh, MA; Oxford University, BA
Research interests: 19th Century American Literature, History of Medicine, African American Literature, Race and Gender Theory, Feminism.

Ben Fried
University of Cambridge, MA; McGill University, BA
Research interests: Twentieth-century fiction and poetry; the relationships between editors and writers; the institutional backgrounds that shape literature; the creative reading that generates creative writing. Dissertation: will focus on William Maxwell, fiction editor of The New Yorker for forty years, and the close working relationships he maintained with a constellation of the century's great short-story writers.

Grace Catherine Greiner
University of Cambridge, MPhil; Columbia University, BA
Research interests: Poetry (especially lyric), Epistolarity, Medieval Contemplative Literature, Medieval Music, Manuscript Studies.

Zachary Grobe
University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, BA
Research interests: Poetry and Poetics, Literary Theory, Marxist Literary Criticism, The Twentieth Century.

Jessica Hannah
University of Chicago, MA; University of Cambridge, BA
Research interests: Modernism, 20th and 21st Century American Literature, Cultural Studies, Performance.

Emma Kioko
Bryn Mawr College, BA
Research interests: Contemporary African Literature, Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Postcolonial Literature and Theory.

Samuel Lagasse
Kenyon College, BA
Research interests: Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Queer Theory, Comparative Modernities, History and Historiography.

Austin Lillywhite
Brown University, BA
Research interests: Phenomenology and the Body, 20th Century Novel, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Ecocriticism.

Molly MacVeagh
Bowdoin College, BA
Research interests: Twentieth-century British literature, Food Studies, Modernism.

Olivia Milroy
University of Virginia, MA; Wake Forest University, BA
Research interests: 19th and 20th Century World Anglophone Literature; Poetry and Poetics; Literary Theory; Travel, Tourism, and Expatriate Literatures; Narrative Theory.

Gary Slack
University of Maryland, MA; Dillard University, BA

Bojan Srbinovski
Stanford University, BA
Research interests: Poetry and Poetics, Literature and Theory of Trauma, Romanticism, Intellectual History.

Seth Strickland
Saint Louis University, MA; Hillsdale College, BA
Research interests: Medieval Latin, Book History, William Langland, The Pearl-poet, Old and Middle English, Middle Scots, John Gower, W.B. Yeats, William Shakespeare, Victorian & Modern Receptions of Arthurian Legend, Modern Poetry, History of the English Language, Philology, Late Republic and Early Imperial Roman Writers, Digital Humanities.

Krithika Vachali
Colorado College, BA
Research interests: Narrative Theory, Empire, Nineteenth Century Literature, Anglophone Literature.