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The College of Arts Sciences

Eme Jamilah Iban’s video campaign "People of Color: The Movement"

Thu, 03/15/2018

Last Semester, Collective X contributor, Eme Jamilah Iban, orchestrated a video campaign called "People of Color: The Movement." The project was aimed to illustrate the narratives of people of color on Cornell's campus in light of our current climate. The video features perspectives of both students and professors of the University.

Eme Jamilah Iban’s video campaign can be found here: “People of Color: The Movement”

Eme Iban is a recent graduate in the College of Arts and Science with a major in English.  Her work primarily focuses on issues of mental health, people of color, women's rights, and sexual rights advocacy. She has been published in the Collective X Liberation Magazine for her piece on cultural identity as a first-generation Nigerian-American. Her future aspirations include writing several novels and a screen-play that would promote positive mental health in marginalized communities.