Op-ed by Adam Szetela on the Democratic Socialists of America

By: Adam Szetela,  Techno Trenz
Sun, 08/01/2021

Adam Szetela, Ph.D. student in the literatures in English department, has an op-ed in Newsweek, "I identify as a Democratic Socialist. The DSA, on the other hand, has lost its way:"

"These are not the concerns of working-class Americans, who are supposed to be the focus of socialist organizing, in my experience. Working-class Americans have legitimate concerns that socialists should address."

Read the full article here.

Adam Szetela is a writer who splits his time between Ithaca, New York, and Boston. Before coming to Cornell, Szetela was a visiting fellow in the history department at Harvard University and an affiliate of the Program on the Study of Capitalism. His work looks at capitalism, culture, and moral politics in the United States.

Headshot of Adam Szetela