Professors Van Clief-Stefanon and Cohn have won teaching awards

Mon, 05/10/2021

Department of Literatures in English faculty members have received College Awards for distinguished teaching:

Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, associate professor of literatures in English, has won the Morgan Chia-Wen Sze and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez Distinguished Teaching Prize, which is awarded to one professor in the humanities every three years. The prize recognizes professorial faculty for excellence in teaching. The donors encourage all award recipients to use a portion of the award to travel anywhere in the world of interest to them and through that travel “to bring the world back to Cornell.” 

Elisha Cohn, associate professor of literatures in English, has won the Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award. Recipients have demonstrated their devotion to teaching, where teaching is understood to include classroom presence, preparation and administration, student counseling (including general advising of students formally assigned, but not necessarily enrolled in the recipients’ course), and development of new courses and new methods of student instruction.


Thanks to the generosity of alumni, the College of Arts & Sciences honors exceptional faculty, advisers and graduate students for their mentorship and guidance, helping students achieve excellence.

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