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Gabriella Friedman

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
Whitman College, BA



Gabriella Friedman specializes in contemporary American literature, with particular emphases on African American literature, Native American literature, novel studies, and speculative fiction. Her current project explores the intersection of the speculative impulse and the historicizing impulse in the novels of late-20th and 21st century writers.

Her essay on Toni Morrison’s 2008 novel A Mercy is forthcoming in Modern Fiction Studies, and she has a book review forthcoming in MELUS.

At Cornell, she designed and taught two First-Year Writing Seminars (“Great New Books” and “American Ghosts”) and served as a co-facilitator of “Teaching Writing,” a course for new graduate instructors.


  • English


  • 20th and 21st century American literature
  • African American literature
  • Native American literature
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Novel Studies
  • Haunting and Spectrality