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Jonathan Reinhardt

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
University of Chicago, MS
Loyola University of Chicago, BA



Jonathan Glenn Reinhardt is a PhD candidate in English at Cornell University. He specializes in Early Modern British literature and culture. His research focuses on the relationship between literature, philosophy of information, emerging media, and knowledge formation, currently with a special interest in political intelligence and in the concept of transparency. Jonathan's dissertation is titled “Political Secrecy and Theatricality in Marlowe and Shakespeare” and argues that in the late Tudor and early Stuart periods, theatricality produces a public spectacle of “plausible alternatives” that expresses the hidden structures of political secrecy. Jonathan has adjacent interests in knowledge exchange between the Western world and the Arabic world, in the history of science, in heterodoxies, and in the problems of political theology. Jonathan has published (or forthcoming) articles in Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies and Philological Review, and is currently working on a translation of a classic linguistics text, Karl Vollers'Schriftsprache und Schriftsprache im Alten Arabien (Vernacular Language and Literary Language in Old Arabia). At Cornell University, Jonathan has been a facilitator in the Early Modern Reading Group and the Espionage Literature Reading Group, Interim Director of the Cornell University Language House, and Graduate Resident Fellow at Alice H. Cook House. He is associate editor at Marginalia Review.


  • English


  •  Early Modern Literature
  •  Knowledge
  •  History of Science
  •  Classical & Early Modern Rhetoric
  •  Political Theology
  •  Material Texts & New Media
  •  Philosophy of Information
  •  Literature & Philosophy
  •  Cultural Exchange