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Katherine Kiblinger Gottschalk

Senior Lecturer

Mcgraw Hall, Room 101
101 McGraw Hall


Walter C. Teagle Director of First-Year Writing Seminars and Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, Katherine K. Gottschalk (Ph.D., University of Chicago) became associate director of Cornell’s Writing Program in 1982 and director of First-Year Writing Seminars in 1988. As director of First-Year Writing Seminars, Gottschalk attends to the administrative needs of this far-ranging program that encompasses over 30 departments. A recipient of the Clark Award for Distinguished Teaching, Gottschalk currently teaches courses in the study and writing of memoir. Her publications in the field of writing program administration and writing-in-the-disciplines include The Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource for Instructors in All Disciplines (Bedford, 2004), co-authored with her colleague, Keith Hjortshoj, director of Cornell’s Writing in the Majors program.


  • English


  • Writing across the curriculum
  • Composition pedagogy
  • Writing program administration
  • Memoir
  • Creative non-fiction


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