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Marquis Bey

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
Lebanon Valley College, BA



Marquis Bey is a fourth year PhD candidate whose work focuses on Black feminist theorizing, Transgender Studies, Critical Theory, and 21st century African American Literature. He is completing his dissertation, entitled "The Blacknesses of Blackness: Fugitivity, Feminism, and Transness," in which he thinks through a radical recalibration of Blackness-as-fugitivity as inflected with and by Black radical feminism and transgender epistemologies. His work on Blackness, transgender subjectivity, and feminist critique has appeared, or is forthcoming, in academic journals such as The Black Scholar, Souls, Black Camera, Transgender Studies Quarterly, Palimpsest, and others.


  • English


  • Black Feminist Theorizing
  • Transgender Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • 21st Century African American Literature