Application to the Honors Program in English

To be admitted to the Honors Program in English:

  1. Calculate the GPA of your courses that count toward the English major: A GPA of 3.7 or above is required for eligibility to the Honors program.
  2. Email the Director of Honors, Professor Elisha Cohn, at to schedule a meeting. She will consult with you about finding a faculty advisor. Once you have met with the Director of Honors, complete the application webform.
  3. Once a faculty member has agreed to be your thesis advisor, have them send an email stating their permission for you to enroll in their section of ENGL 4930 (Honors Thesis Tutorial 1) to Aurora Ricarda at
  4. During pre-enrollment or the Add/Drop period, you will be sent a permission number to enroll in your advisor’s section of ENGL 4930 through Student Center.
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