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The Department of Literatures in English Main Administrative Office located at 250 Goldwin Smith Hall is open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. The mailroom and copy room are open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

There is currently an indoor mask mandate for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.

If, after perusing the below lists of faculty and staff administrators, you are unable to determine who to contact, you can email english_dept@cornell.edu, our general inquiry email address.


Administration Contact Information
Faculty Administrator Role Name Contact Information
Picket Family Chair of the Literatures in English Department Professor Andrew Galloway

250 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-6801

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) Associate Professor Mary Pat Brady

281 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-7566

Director of Creative Writing (DCW) Associate Professor Ishion Hutchinson

173 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-6792

Director of Graduate Student Teaching (DGST) Professor Laura Brown

347 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-6800

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS)

Associate Professor Kate McCullough

288 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-6796

Director of Honors Associate Professor Elisha Cohn

171 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-6800

Advisor to Minors

Professor Satya P. Mohanty   

321 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-3335

Editor, Epoch Senior Lecturer Michael Koch

251 Goldwin Smith
(607) 255-3385



Staff Administration Details
Staff Administrator Role                                 Name Contact Information Ask me about...

Director of Administration

Paula Epps-Cepero

250 GSH
(607) 255-6799

  • Navigating Cornell (working with professors, with other administrators or offices, sensitive issues)
  • Alumni outreach
  • Anything not otherwise mentioned below
Assistant to the Chair Victoria Brevetti

250 GSH
(607) 255-6801

  • Paycheck and appointment questions
  • Scheduling an appointment with the Chair
  • Course evaluations
  • Submitting items for creative writing & other writing contests
PhD Graduate Program Coordinator Kara Peet

250 GSH
(607) 255-7989

  • PhD academic program/funding related questions
  • PhD exam scheduling and other required processes/paperwork
  • Taking a leave of absence or being in absentia (if you are a graduate student)
  • PhD program admission and process
MFA Graduate Program Coordinator Amanda Brockner

250 GSH
(607) 255-7989

  • MFA academic program/funding related questions
  • MFA exam scheduling and other required processes/paperwork
  • MFA program admission and process
  • Website biography and news updates
Teaching Programs Coordinator Karen Kudej

250 GSH
(607) 255-3492

  • Class-related questions for people taking classes
  • Class-related and curriculum-related questions or people teaching courses
  • Classroom information
Interim Undergraduate Program Coordinator Aurora Ricardo

250 GSH
(607) 255-6800

  • Scheduling an appointment with the DUGS
  • Events for undergraduate students
  • English Major program
  • English Minors programs
  • English Honors program
Accounts Coordinator Alice Murdock 250 GSH
(607) 255-6799
  • Spending Faculty Research and Travel (FRT) funds
  • Requesting help with facilities (keys, rooms, custodial/repair services)
Events Coordinator Lynn Lauper

250 GSH
(607) 255-7847

  • Reserving the English department lounge
  • Adding interested persons to English events listserv
  • Department events questions
Events Assistant Aurora Ricardo

250 GSH
(607) 255-7847

  • Circulating event announcements on English listservs
  • Social media promotion
  • Accessibility for events
IT Support for Goldwin Smith

Gabriel Plaine

Mark James Starkweather

  • Support for Cornell-managed information technology assets located in Goldwin Smith Hall
  • Selection, set-up, and support of faculty and staff computing resources


Our Location

The Department of English is located in Goldwin Smith Hall, the Arts Quad’s flagship building and most prominent structure.

Built in 1906, Goldwin Smith Hall is positioned with a wide-angle view of the the quad's first three structures, White, McGraw and Morrill Halls. In addition to the Department of English, Goldwin Smith is also home to the College of Arts & Sciences dean’s office, academic advising, classics, comparative literature, German studies, history of art, medieval studies, philosophy and the famous Temple of Zeus Cafe.

The quad features both classic and modern architecture and includes the landmark statues of both Ezra Cornell, the university’s founder, and Andrew Dickson White, the university’s first president. A.D. White’s towering presence at the entrance to Goldwin Smith Hall oversees impromptu academic discussions and lunch breaks, which often take place on the stone steps and nearby year-round tables. The quad serves as home to both to the College of Arts and Sciences, the university’s largest undergraduate college, and the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. In late spring, graduating seniors from all Cornell colleges and their families gather on the lawn, and in the fall, students play Frisbee and lounge on the grass between classes. Small seminars can often be seen dotting the quad during the warmer months. The quad is also the primary gathering place for Dragon Day and many of the university’s celebratory events.