Job Placement Record

Cornell PhDs in English pursue a wide range of careers, within and outside academia.  In recent years, our graduates have gone on to careers in college teaching and research, academic administration, secondary education, library science, humanities and arts foundations, and university publishing, to name only the most common examples.  We have a designated faculty placement advisor, and we tailor our job placement mentorship to the needs of individual students.  We are particularly eager to foster our graduate students’ commitments to education, research, arts and humanities advocacy, public service, and social justice.

There has been a sharp decline in advertised faculty positions in literature departments since 2007-2008 (  In light of these challenges, our department is distinguished by its commitment to transparency about the career outcomes of all of our graduates, as well as our expansive sense of the range of careers that our doctoral program equips graduate students to pursue.  The list below conveys the diverse paths pursued by our most recent graduates.  The majority of students who have reported their job outcomes to the department continue to pursue academic careers.  Between 2012 and 2017, approximately 85% of our graduates found initial employment in higher education, including tenure-track positions, postdoctoral fellowships, and visiting or temporary positions.  During that same period, approximately 60% of our 2012 graduates accepted tenure-track positions.  These statistics indicate that graduates from Cornell’s PhD program in English outperform the national average on the tenure-track academic job market.

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Name Initial Position Year Current Position
Hoffer, Kelly Helen Zell Visiting Professor in Poetry - Helen Zell Writer’s Program at the University of Michigan 2023  
Miranda, Joseph Yale University 2023  
Adwetewa-Badu, Ama Bemma Assistant Professor of English - Washington University in St. Louis 2022  
Alexander, Elizabeth Clinical Assistant Professor - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), University of Maryland 2022  
Bwa Mwesigire, Bwesigye Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year – Emory College 2022  
Cain, Marty Postdoctoral Associate, Humanities Scholars Program, 1 year - Cornell University 2022  
Coetsee, Abram Lecturer, Knight Institute - Cornell University 2022  
Fried, Ben Lecturer, Knight Institute - Cornell University 2022  
Friedman, Gabriella Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - Skidmore College 2022  
Grobe, Zachary Day Faculty Member - Loomis Chaffee Boarding School 2022  
Kaproski, Seth Lecturer, Knight Institute - Cornell University 2022  
Lagasse, Samuel Residential Faculty Member - Loomis Chaffee Boarding School 2022  
Likert, Nathaniel Visiting Assistant Professor - Grinnell College 2022  
Lillywhite, Austin Postdoctoral Scholar, 2 year - University of Kentucky 2022  
MacVeagh, Molly Lecturer in Modern Literature, 3 year - University of Groningen 2022 Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
Slack, Gary Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - Loyola University Maryland 2022  
Strickland, Seth Martino Lectureship, 1 year - Cornell University 2022  
Vachali, Krithika Postdoctoral Associate, Humanities Scholars Program, 1 year-Cornell University 2022  
Veltfort, Sophia Assistant Professor of Practice in the Arts- University of Chicago 2022  
Bare, Malcolm Instructional Technologist in the Department of Information Technology - University of Chicago, Booth School of Business 2021  
Berardino, Christopher Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2 years - University of California, Riverside 2021  
Damrongpiwat, Pichaya Diamonstein-Spielvogel Fellowship - New York Public Library + Writing/Composition Lecturer - University of California, Irvine 2021  
Friedman, Gabriella Visiting Assistant Professor, 3 year - Appalachian State University 2021  
Greiner, Grace Catherine Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - University of Texas, Austin 2021  
Kilbane, Matthew Assistant Professor - University of Notre Dame 2021  
Lloyd, Noah Technical Writing Internship - Lacework 2021  
Lu, Becky Upper School English Teacher - Germantown Friends School 2021  
Reynolds, Madeline Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 year - Cornell Society for the Humanities 2021  
Strayer, Elisabeth Specialist Product Marketing Manager for Content - Lacework (summer internship became a full-time position) 2021  
Thompson, Brianna Visiting Assistant Professor, 1 year - Kenyon College 2021  
Angierski, Kristen English and Environmental Humanities Teacher - South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics 2020  
Arrizón-Palomera, Esmeralda Postdoctoral Associate, 4 year - Boston University 2020 Postdoctoral Associate, 1 year - University of Pennsylvania
Brazeal, Gregory Assistant Professor - University of South Dakota Law School 2020  
Kim, Stephen Curriculum Specialist and Lecturer, Intergroup Dialogue Project - Cornell University 2020  
Price, Zachary Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2 year - Oregon State University 2020  
Abel, Jessica Project Coordinator in the Department of Information Technology - University of Texas, San Antonio 2019 Director of Digital Customer Experience / Lecturer, Writing Program - University of Texas, San Antonio
Bey, Marquis Assistant Professor - Northwestern University 2019  
Cosca, David English Teacher - Monte Vista High School 2019  
Olla, Nasrin Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 year - Brown University 2019  
Schlemm, Sara Faculty Member - Collingwood School 2019  
Thorsteinson, Katherine Assistant Professor - St. Thomas University 2019  
Brangan, Michaela Visiting Assistant Professor, 3 year - Amherst College 2018  
Goldberg, Jesse Visiting Assistant Professor, 2 year - Longwood University 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 year - Penn State University
Harding, Amber Upper School Faculty - Linden Hall 2018  
Harmon, Alex Assistant Professor - Montana State University, Bozeman 2018  
McGiff, Shilo Visiting Assistant Professor, 2 year - Wells College 2018  
O'Dell, Kaylin Assistant Professor - Suffolk University 2018  
Quintanilla, Nancy Assistant Professor - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 2018  
Rials, Emily Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - Stanford University 2018  
Tam, Ben (Yee Hang) Visiting Assistant Professor, 3 year - University of South Florida 2018  
Waller, Katherine Contingent Technical Writer - Medtronic PLC 2018 Technical Writer - Medtronic PLC
Whitenack, Claire Lecturer, Writing Program - University of Shanghai 2018  
Feldman, Ezra Visiting Assistant Professor, 3 year - Williams College 2017  
Radus, Daniel Assistant Professor - SUNY Cortland  2017