Job Placement Record Archive

Cornell PhDs in English pursue a wide range of careers, within and outside academia.  In recent years, our graduates have gone on to careers in college teaching and research, academic administration, secondary education, library science, humanities and arts foundations, and university publishing, to name only the most common examples.  We have a designated faculty placement advisor, and we tailor our job placement mentorship to the needs of individual students.  We are particularly eager to foster our graduate students’ commitments to education, research, arts and humanities advocacy, public service, and social justice.

There has been a sharp decline in advertised faculty positions in literature departments since 2007-2008 (  In light of these challenges, our department is distinguished by its commitment to transparency about the career outcomes of all of our graduates, as well as our expansive sense of the range of careers that our doctoral program equips graduate students to pursue.  The list below conveys the diverse paths pursued by our most recent graduates.  The majority of students who have reported their job outcomes to the department continue to pursue academic careers.  Between 2012 and 2017, approximately 85% of our graduates found initial employment in higher education, including tenure-track positions, postdoctoral fellowships, and visiting or temporary positions.  During that same period, approximately 60% of our 2012 graduates accepted tenure-track positions.  These statistics indicate that graduates from Cornell’s PhD program in English outperform the national average on the tenure-track academic job market.

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Name Initial Position Year Current Position
Blake, Elizabeth Visiting Assistant Professor - Haverford College 2016 Assistant Professor - Clark University
Casey, Rose Assistant Professor - West Virginia University 2016  
Diran, Ingrid Instructor - Pacific Northwest College of Art 2016 Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Foster, Shyla Adjunct Professor - Montclair State University 2016  
Guthrie, Bernadette Professor of Practice - Tulane University 2016  
Kehoe, Kamila Janiszewska Adjunct Instructor - Onondaga Community College 2016 Assistant Professor of English - Roxbury Community College
Morgan, Danielle Assistant Professor - Santa Clara University 2016  
Rosenberg, Aaron Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 year - University of London 2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2 year - King’s College, London
Schlauraff, Kristie Postdoctoral Fellow, 3 year - Villanova University 2016 Lecturer + Co-Director, University Writing: Readings in Medical Humanities - Columbia University
Stahl, Lynne Bilingual-Spanish Access Services Assistant - Multnomah County Library 2016 Humanities Librarian - West Virginia University
Thompson, Stephen Upper School English Teacher - Harvard-Westlake School 2016  
Yao, Christine SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellow - University of British Columbia 2016 Lecturer, Tenure Track Equivalent - University College London
Alexander, Kaelin Visiting Assistant Professor - Washington & Lee University 2015 Communications Associate - University of Colorado, Denver University Communications
Caddell, Jillian Spivey Lecturer - American University 2015 Lecturer, Tenure Track Equivalent - University of Kent
Cui, Lily Upper School English Teacher - Charles Wright Academy 2015 Upper School English Teacher - Montclair Kimberley Academy
Kim, Jane Assistant Professor - Biola University 2015  
Lears, Adin Assistant Professor - SUNY Oswego 2015 Assistant Professor - Virginia Commonwealth University
Sinykin, Daniel Visiting Professor, 1 year - Grinnell College 2015 Assistant Professor - Emory University
Winders, S. Melissa Program Coordinator, Office of Development, Principal Gifts - Yale University  2015 Program Manager, Office of Development, Major Gifts - Yale University
Black, Alex Postdoctoral Fellow - Rutgers University 2014 Assistant Professor - Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Bucemi, Matthew Creative Editor and Narrative Designer - The Zharmae Publishing Press 2014 Instructor - Hanson College
Cordeiro, William  Lecturer - Northern Arizona University 2014  
Desai, Noor Adhaar Visiting Assistant Professor - Bard College 2014 Assistant Professor - Bard College
Fielder, Brigitte Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin, Madison 2014  
Hashem, Noor Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - Johns Hopkins University 2014 Lecturer, CAS Writing Center - Boston University; Independent Scholar and Author 
Rogers, William Lecturer - Case Western Reserve University 2014 Assistant Professor - University of Louisiana, Monroe​
Roth, Nick Writers' Production Assistant, "One Big Happy" - NBC Television 2014 Story Editor, "American Housewife" - ABC Television
Slater, Avery Presidential Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Texas, Austin 2014 Assistant Professor - University of Toronto
Torres, Brant Assistant Professor - University of San Francisco 2014 Strategy Consultant - Crimson Education
Zukovic, Brad Senior Lecturer - Cornell University 2014  
Bennett, Chad Assistant Professor - University of Texas, Austin 2013  
Boynton, Owen Visiting Assistant Professor - College of the Holy Cross 2013 Associate Director of Curriculum and Professional Development - Morristown-Beard School, New Jersey
Cote, Sarah Visiting Lecturer - Alfred University 2013 Clinical Assistant Professor - Alfred University
Dewey, Colin Assistant Professor - California State University, Maritime Academy 2013  
Fellion, Matthew Assistant Professor - St. Francis Xavier University 2013  
Haque, Danielle Director of College Writing, Non-Faculty - American University of Central Asia, Bishtkek 2013 Professor - Minnesota State University
Maupin, Giffen Assistant Professor - Hendrix  College 2013  
Mihara, Yoshiaki English Teacher - Ochanomizu University, Tokyo 2013 Associate Professor - Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
Perlow, Seth Assistant Professor - Oklahoma State University 2013 Associate Professor - Georgetown University
Pinkerton, Steven Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - University of Texas, Austin 2013 Lecturer, Full Time - Case Western Reserve University
Ramesh Sankar, Nandini Assistant Professor - Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad 2013  
Robbins, John Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 year - Tufts University 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, 3 year - University of Pennsylvania
Swanson, Cecily Lecturer - New York University 2013 Director of Studies - Mathey College, Princeton University
Alkemeyer, Bryan Assistant Professor - Wooster College 2012  
Brogan, Jacob Adjunct Professor - Georgetown University 2012 Assistant Editor - Washington Post
Coombs, David Assistant Professor - Clemson University 2012  
DeGooyer, Stephanie Assistant Professor - Willamette University 2012  
Ensor, Sarah Assistant Professor - Portland State University 2012 Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Keiser, Jess Visiting Assistant Professor - CUNY Baruch College 2012 Assistant Professor - Tufts University
Penner, Erin Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Oxford, Rothermere American Institute 2012 Assistant Professor - Asbury University
Senchyne, Jonathan Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin, Madison 2012  
Brown, Julie Visiting Faculty - Whitman College 2011 Assistant Professor - Virginia Military Institute
Glaser, Benjamin Visiting Assistant Professor, 2 year - Skidmore College 2011 Assistant Professor - Yale University
Gniadek, Melissa Lecturer - Rice University 2011 Assistant Professor - University of Toronto
Hicks, John Assistant Editor - Getty Research Institute 2011 Associate Editor - Getty Research Institute
Joosten, Julie Visiting Assistant Professor - Williams College 2011  
Kennedy, Virginia Outreach and Development Director - Delaware Highlands Conservancy  2011 Director of Sustainability Programs & Curriculum/English Teacher - West Nottingham Academy
Lakhi Mangharam, Mukti Assistant Professor - Rutgers University 2011  
Léger, Natalie Postdoctoral Fellow - Rutgers University 2011 Assistant Professor - CUNY Queens 
Williams, Crystal (MFA) Associate Professor, Reed College 2000 President, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)