Support the Department of Literatures in English on Giving Day March 16

The Department of Literatures in English retains the pluralistic ideals of the university’s founders and continues to respond to and embody a constantly evolving discipline. Within the department, research has developed new understandings of the discipline, as well as a range of textual productivity, from producing critical editions to writing poetry. Outside the department, the growth of interdisciplinary work has led to a range of connections across the humanities at Cornell. Along with teaching more than a third of the Freshman Writing Seminars offered by Cornell’s Knight Institute of Writing in the Disciplines, the department’s nourishing of this wide range of scholarly and creative writing has maintained its central importance in the humanities at Cornell and world-wide.

There are many ways in which your gift contributes to the continued success of the Department of Literatures in English. Gifts from previous Giving Days were instrumental in furthering faculty development, creating a research travel grant for MFA students, providing emergency funds for PhD students, and in supporting novel teaching ideas for undergraduate students.

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