Faculty, Lecturer, & TA Office Hours

Office Hours

The Department of Literatures in English Main Administrative Office located at 250 Goldwin Smith Hall is open Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm. The mailroom and copy room are open Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Currently on Cornell's campus, masking is encouraged but not required.
Please check Cornell's up to date COVID-19 policy for visitors to campus here.

Name Hours Location Email
Al-Raes, Maria W: 12:30-1:30PM
or by appointment
GSH 340 ma978@cornell.edu
Anker, Elizabeth On Leave GSH 233
Myron Taylor 314
Attell, Kevin Tu: 10:30-11:30AM
or by appointment
GSH 265 kda24@cornell.edu
Arora, Aishvarya On Leave   aa2332@cornell.edu
Ayaz, Natasha   Zoom nsa54@cornell.edu
Boyce-Davies, Carole On Leave TR 204 ceb278@cornell.edu
Braddock, Jeremy   GSH 136 jb358@cornell.edu
Brady, Mary Pat Tu: 12:15 - 1PM
Tr: by appointment

GSH 291

Brown, Laura Tu: 11AM-12PM GSH 347 laura.brown@cornell.edu
Bulawayo, NoViolet   GSH 293 ezt4@cornell.edu
Byrd, Jodi   GSH 277 jbyrd@cornell.edu
Camp, Lisa M & W: 12-1PM Zoom lc939@cornell.edu
Campos, Angelina   Zoom
GSH 346
Caruth, Cathy   GSH 337 cc694@cornell.edu
Castro, Miranda     mc2377@cornell.edu
Chakrabarty, Arpita     ac2294@cornell.edu
Chan, Derek     ddc89@cornell.edu
Chery, Bethstyline     bfc33@cornell.edu
Cheyfitz, Eric   GSH 157 etc7@cornell.edu
Codera, Lily   GSH 338D lcc87@cornell.edu
Cohn, Elisha W: 1-3PM
or by appointment
GSH 171 ejc244@cornell.edu
Corral García, Rocío   GSH 334 rc845@cornell.edu
Cottle, Meredith   GSH 340 mc2567@cornell.edu
Courtemanche, Asher M: 1-2PM GSH 340
Culbreath, Virdi   GSH 334 vmc47@cornell.edu
Donnelly, Mackenzie On Leave   med322@cornell.edu
Faulkner, David Tu & Tr: 2-4PM
or by appointment
M101 McGraw df259@cornell.edu
Foster, Emily   GSH 161 ef273@cornell.edu
Francis, Laura     lrf62@cornell.edu
Frazier, Chelsea Mikael by appointment:
GSH 269


Fridlund, Emily   GSH 247 ejf97@cornell.edu
Galloway, Andrew On Leave GSH 250 andrewgalloway@cornell.edu
Gilbert, Roger M-W: 3-4PM
or by appointment
GSH 279 rsg2@cornell.edu
Glaubman, Jane Tu: 4:30-6PM
F: 3-5PM
GSH G65 jg835@cornell.edu
Gonzales, Alyiah     amg379@cornell.edu
Green, Charlie   GSH 137 crg95@cornell.edu
Greiner, Grace Catherine     gcg49@cornell.edu
Hackle, India Sada On Leave GSH 338D ih292@cornell.edu
Hanson, Ellis

Th: 12-2PM

RCK 186

Harmon, Juan     jmh538@cornell.edu
Hewitt, Christopher M: 11:30AM-12:30PM GSH 271 cmh377@cornell.edu
Hu Pegues, Juliana   GSH 281 jhupegues@cornell.edu
Huelster, Nicholas     neh55@cornell.edu
Hutchinson, George On Leave M101 MCG gbh33@cornell.edu
Hutchinson, Ishion   GSH 173 iih2@cornell.edu
Iqbal, Sarah   GSH 338C si229@cornell.edu
Iwunze-Ibiam, Chioma     cni6@cornell.edu
Jao, Charline Tu & Th: 1-PM
or by appointment
Zoom cj422@cornell.edu
Joe, Dominique   GSH 346 dj289@cornell.edu
Jones, Corbin     ccj33@cornell.edu
Jones, Lauryn     lmj73@cornell.edu
Juffer, Jane Tu & Th: 12-1PM
or by appointment
RCK 184 jaj93@cornell.edu
Kalas, Rayna   GSH 273 rayna.kalas@cornell.edu
Kidwell, Shacoya     sk3298@cornell.edu
Koh, Asey     jk2885@cornell.edu
Lee, Michael   GSH 343 mdl283@cornell.edu
Lennon, J. Robert On Leave GSH 251 jrl24@cornell.edu
Levine, Caroline On Leave GSH 286 cel235@cornell.edu
Londe, Gregory W: 1-2PM
or by appointment
GSH 341
Lorenz, Philip Tu: 3-5PM
or by appointment
KLR 106 philip.lorenz@cornell.edu
Makridis, Elisávet   Zoom
GSH 249
McCoy, Maureen   GSH 367 mem35@cornell.edu
McCullough, Kate   GSH 288 mkm23@cornell.edu
McKenzie, Jon   KLR 104 jvm62@cornell.edu
McQuade, Paul     pgm63@cornell.edu
Mohanty, Satya


GSH 321 spm5@cornell.edu
Morgan Frank, Rebecca   365 GSH rmf256@cornell.edu
Morris, Chanté     cmm465@cornell.edu
Mort, Valzhyna   GSH 292 vm274@cornell.edu
Murray, Timothy   116 W Sibley Hall tcm1@cornell.edu
Ngugi, Mukoma Wa On Leave GSH 159 mwn39@cornell.edu
O'Brien, Samantha Kathryn     sko38@cornell.edu
O'Leary, Maggie By appointment Zoom mo433@cornell.edu
Osborne, Imogen     io55@cornell.edu
Phillips, Hunter   GSH 349 hap48@cornell.edu
Quiñonez, Ernesto

Tu: 3-5PM
W: 11AM-2PM

GSH 267
Rabedeau, Jennifer     jbr263@cornell.edu
Raskolnikov, Masha M: 12-2PM

GSH 165

Romero, Robert   364A rr687@cornell.edu
Rosenberg, Jessica Tu: 12-2PM GSH 264 jmr577@cornell.edu
Samuels, Shirley   GSH 257 srs8@cornell.edu
Schwarz, Daniel   GSH 242 drs6@cornell.edu
Sharpless, Susannah     sps258@cornell.edu
Shenoy, Aditi     as3283@cornell.edu
Simeu Juegouo, Joelle     js3323@cornell.edu
Stragar-Rice, Colin   GSH 352 cds262@cornell.edu
Thomas, Lindsay M: 1-3PM GSH 282 lct64@cornell.edu
Thomas-Johnson, Amandla     amt266@cornell.edu
Van Clief-Stefanon, Lyrae      GSH 169 lv48@cornell.edu
Viramontes, Helena On Leave GSH 367 hmv2@cornell.edu
Wang, Jiachen     jw2358@cornell.edu
Warren, Lenora Tu: 10AM-12PM GSH 345 ldw265@cornell.edu
Wooten, Sol X.     sxw5@cornell.edu
Young, Charity     ccy28@cornell.edu
Zacher, Samantha Tu & Th: 1:55-2:50PM GSH 261 sz66@cornell.edu
Zong, Winniebell Xinyu

Th: 3-4PM

GSH 346 xz282@cornll.edu
Zukovic, Brad   MG 101