Asher Courtemanche


Asher Courtemanche is a second year PhD student in the department of Literatures in English. Their primary research is focused on homoeroticism, unrequited love, and pastoral poetry in the Renaissance, up to the 18th century. With a background in Classics and Latin, Asher takes great interest in classical reception during both the Middle Ages and Early Modern period, focusing on the reception and influence of authors such as Ovid, Vergil, Catullus, and Seneca. In both creative and academic writing, they are guided by the question of what it means to burn—how homoerotic love is defined and developed, and if it can persist. As a secondary interest, Asher engages with 20th and 21st century American and British literature, specifically Modernism, queer poetics, and Indigenous literature.

Research Focus

  • Early Modern Studies
  • Medieval Studies
  • Queer Theory
  • Classics

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