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Ben Fried

Ben Fried

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
University of Cambridge, MA
McGill University, BA


Ben Fried studies the role of the editor in the rise of Anglophone literatures across the twentieth century, tracking the transnational networks of literary production and circulation which give a material purchase to the burgeoning discipline of the Global Anglophone. His dissertation, "The Empire of English Literature: Literary Capitals, Regions, and Editors in the Global Anglophone, 1947-1993," examines how relationships between editors and writers, and between editors and institutions, set the terms of creation and reception. Areas of research include the Irish and Canadian writers orbiting William Maxwell, fiction editor at The New Yorker; the twin BBC radio programs Caribbean Voices and West African Voices; and the expansion of Penguin Books into India and Australia. 

His undergraduate teaching has ranged across modern and contemporary American, British, and Anglophone literature.


  • English


  • Global Anglophone
  • Twentieth-Century Fiction and Poetry
  • Book History
  • Editorial Studies
  • Literary Institutions