Briel Felton



Briel was born and raised in sweet, sweet Virginia along the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, in the cultural hub of the 757. She is apart of Old Dominion University's 2019 graduating class. She has her BA in English, concentrating in Creative Writing. She is the 2019 Academy of American Poet's University & College Poetry Prize First Place Winner. Her poems have appeared in various publications including Laurel Moon magazine, Firewords magazine, Rigorous magazine, and Barely South Review. She writes poems about the little things in hopes of connecting with others over these small human experiences. Why are there only two lines in Walmart open? Why is it so hard to correct the employee fixing your bowl at Chipotle when they put corn in it and you didn't ask for it? Why does the body feel numb when you yawn and stretch at the same time? That sort of thing. Nothing is off limits. No feeling. No smell. No idea. No experience. No kiss. No broken heart. Anything and everything can, and most likely will, find itself on the page.

Courses - Spring 2022