Dissertation Record Archive

Dissertations published by doctoral awardees in English Language and Literature have addressed an immense variety of topics, ranging widely in history, geography, genre, and method.

Doctoral students in English at Cornell typically begin work on their dissertations after their third year in the program, following completion of their Advance-to-Candidacy exam. Students draw on a corresponding range of faculty expertise both within and outside of English and their special committees frequently include faculty from multiple departments.

The following is a list of published doctoral dissertations which have been archived, in order of year published, including the names of the alum and their special committee chair. For the most recent data visit the Dissertation Record page.


Alumnus Title of Dissertation Chair
Jessica Rose Abel Teaching Joyce's Ulysses Daniel Schwarz
Christina Susanna Black Wits, Shits, and Crits: The Problem of Digestive Interpretation in Pope, Swift, and Fielding Fredic Bogel
Nicolette Shannon Bragg Creature of Theory: Maternity amongst the Ghosts and Strangers Jane Juffer
Jesse Aaron Goldberg The Excessive Present of Abolition: The Afterlife of Slavery in Law, Literature, and Performance Margo Crawford                     
Matthew R. Kibbee The Mind Transfigur'd: Brain, Body, and Self in the Drama of Shakespeare and Marlowe Rayna Kalas
Lena Krian "Nothing Can Contain this Story Now:" Incarceration and Contemporary Native American Literature Eric Cheyfitz
Shilo Rae McGiff "Out of the Heart of Spring": Virginia Woolf and the Changing Shapes of Pastoral 1928-1938 Neil Saccamano
Mee-Ju Ro Entangled Testimonies: Technologies of Subjecticity in Asian American Women's Writing Shelley Wong
Sara Joan Schlemm 'Pygmalion's Frenzy': The Organic Opulence of Romance in Early Modern England Jenny Mann
Yee Hang Tam Modernism in Love Ellis Hanson
Katherine Lonsdale Waller Occupying Televisual Narratives: Metaphors and Models for Imagining Beyond the Cultural Machine Amy Villarejo
Mariam Louka Wassif "Poisoned Vestments": Romanticism, Rhetoric, and Material Culture Cathy Caruth


Alumnus Title of Dissertation Chair
Ezra Dan Feldman Flat Narratology: Surface, Depth, and Speculation in Contemporary Metafiction Elizabeth Anker
Lauren Alexandra Harmon The Spirit of the Law: The Haunting of U.S. Federal Indian Law in the Contemporary Western Eric Cheyfitz
Molly Rachel Katz Figuring the Female Spectator Rayna Kalas
Matthew Clinton McConnell Women's Gathering: the Auchinleck Manuscript and Women's Reading in the 14th Century London Andrew Scott Galloway
Kaylin Anne O'Dell The Mind On-Stage: Crafting the Self in Anglo-Saxon England Samantha Zacher
Nancy Quintanilla Archives of Failure: Missing Bodies and the Practice of Recovery Mary Pat Brady
Daniel Matthew Radus Writing Native Pasts in the Nineteenth Century Eric Cheyfitz
Emily Katherine Rials Brackets and Bodies: Punctuated Physicality in Modernist and Contemporary Fiction Kevin Attell
Aaron David Rosenberg The Scale of the Modern Novel: From Realism to the Genres of Deep Time Jeremy Braddock
Kristie Ann Schlauraff Sounding Bodies and Voices in Nineteenth-Century British and American Gothic Fiction Shirley Samuels
Matthew Esteban Spears Hunting for the Subject: Human Animals and Animal Humans in Anglo-Saxon England Thomas Dana Hill


Alumnus Title of Dissertation Chair
Elizabeth Blake Eating and Feeling: Pleasure and the Modernist Body Nicholas Salvato
Anna Rose Casey Aesthetic Impropriety: Properties of Law and Politics in Postcolonial Literature Elizabeth Anker
Ingrid Giorgia Diran Mutinous Muteness: Radicalizing Illegibility in Twentieth-Century African American Literature Amy Villarejo
Shyla Cherrelle Foster Telling Girlhood: Girls’ Studies, Reparative Trauma and 20th Century U.S. Popular Culture Shirley Samuels
Bernadette Sharyn Guthrie Untimely Interference: Anachronistic Temporalities in Nineteenth-Century British Poetry Jonathan Culler
Danielle Morgan What's So Funny?: Satire and African American Literature and Culture in the Twenty-First Century Margo Crawford
Stephen Thompson Modernism From Text to Work: Personality, Poetic Development, and the Study of Literature Jeremy Braddock
Christine Yao Feeling Subjects: Science and Law in Nineteenth-Century America Shirley Samuels


Alumnus Title of Dissertation Chair
Jacob Benjamin Brogan Some of the Parts: Fragmentary Literature and Queer Politics Ellis Hanson
Jillian Spivey Caddell An Exchange of Territory: Geography, Literature, and the American Civil War Shirley Samuels
Noor Adhaar Desai Unruly Lines: Poetic Measure and Dramatic Convention in Early Modern England Rayna Kalas
Noor Hashem Creative Ritual: Embodied Faith and Secular Reason in Contemporary Muslim Fiction Elizabeth Anker
Kamila Janiszewska The Unlikely Literature of the Civil War: Miniature, Literary Experimentation,
and American Women Writers, 1860-1875
Shirley Samuels
Jane Elizabeth Kim Poetic Theology: Dante and the British Romantic Poets Reeve Parker
Adin Esther Lears Noise and Knowing in Late-Medieval England Andrew Galloway
Daniel Nathan Sinykin After the Boom: Apocalypse and Economics in American Literature f the Neoliberal Period Kevin Attell and 
Jeremy Braddock
Lynne Stahl Unhappy Medium: Filmic Tomboy Narrative and Queer Feminist Spectatorship Amy Villarejo
Susan Melissa Winders Reading Medieval Courtesy Andrew Galloway


Alumnus Title of Dissertation Chair
Kaelin Alexander Turning in the Grave: Ambivalence, Queer Loss, and the Victorian Novel Ellis Hanson
William Cordeiro A Double Capacity: Self-Parody In Britain's Long Eighteenth Century Laura Brown
Sarah Lynn Coté Great Affectations: Camp Parody in the British Long Eighteenth Century Laura Brown
Daining Lily Cui Desolate Theatricality: Staging Feeling and Consciousness in the Late Novels of Henry James Ellis Hanson
Danielle Aberle Haque Secularism Narratives and Arab American Fiction Mary K. McCullough
Nicholas Tobin Roth Potential Cinema: Closet Film in Twentieth-Century Fiction Kevin Attell
Avery Slater Apparatus Poetica: The Question of Technology in Mid Twentieth-century American Poetry Jonathan Culler
Brant Michael Torres Occult Feelings: Esotericism and Queer Relationality in Nineteenth-Century US Literature Shirley Samuels
William Auther Youngman Rewriting Old Age from Chaucer to Shakespeare: The Invention of English Senex Style Andrew Galloway
Brad Bozidar Zukovic Reflexive Figurality in the Poetry of Blake, Wordsworth, Ashbery, and A. R. Ammons Cynthia Chase