Jane Glaubman

Visiting Lecturer


Dr. Jane Glaubman is a Lecturer in English at Cornell University. A Marxist whose research crosses media boundaries, her interests include the novel, screen studies, popular music, and fan cultures, and her methods include archival and ethnographic study. She is working developmentally with an academic press to convert her doctoral dissertation,Deplorable Cultus: Populism, Globalization, and The Lord of the Rings, into a book manuscript. The project offers an account how this novel—a monument of mass culture that began as the secret pastime of an Oxford don—has functioned in the world: how it became mass culture, how subcultures and commercial ventures have used it, how Tolkien wound up occupying the number three position on Forbes’ magazine’s list of “Top-Earning Dead Celebrities,” and what this means for intellectual and literary life outside the academy. Other projects in progress include a book-historical investigation of 1890s publishing, medieval texts, and popular readership, as well as an article on Marion Zimmer Bradley and the origins of slash (homoerotic fanfiction).

Jane’s past teaching at Cornell has included a year-long literary survey, from medieval to postmodern, on the concept of “romance,” as well as courses on fan fiction, on British popular culture, on fantasy and global genres, and on the mystery. She has taught cinema studies at Ithaca College and currently teaches documentary film at Cornell. She serves on the leadership of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies' Caucus on Class.

Research Focus

  • Cultural Studies
  • Media Studies
  • 20th & 21st century British
  • 20th & 21st century American

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