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Jonathan Reinhardt

Joseph F. Martino '53 Lecturer

Jonathan Reinhardt

Educational Background

Cornell University, PhD
Cornell University, MA
University of Chicago, MS
Loyola University of Chicago, BA



Jonathan Glenn Reinhardt is the Joseph F. Martino '53 Lecturer (Postdoc) at Cornell University. He specializes in Early Modern British literature and culture. His research focuses on the relationship between literature, information science, and espionage. Jonathan's dissertation was titled “Political Secrecy and Theatricality in Marlowe and Shakespeare.” It traces the Early Modern history of the concept of data through Renaissance drama, using the example of secret intelligence.
Jonathan has taught courses on Shakespeare and philosophy; utopias; sonnets; literary depictions of the desire to be like gods, in surveys ranging from ancient literature to contemporary fiction; the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as literature; mystery fiction; and a special topics course on espionage, literature, and cinema. He has published on the concept of bardic voice, and has several articles forthcoming on Early Modern British literature, heterodox theologies, and the history of science and information. Jonathan is a House Fellow at Alice H. Cook House, Cornell University, and was the Huntington Library Visiting Fellow at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, in 2018.


  • English


  •  Early Modern Literature
  •  Intellectual History
  •  History of Science
  •  Classical & Early Modern Rhetoric
  •  Political Theology
  •  Material Texts & New Media
  •  Philosophy of Information
  •  Literature & Philosophy
  •  Cultural Exchange


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