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Kristen Angierski

Kristen Angierski

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
SUNY Buffalo, MA
Cornell University, BA


An environmental humanist, Kristen posits that climate change is first and foremost a problem of the imagination-- an imaginative gap that literature can partially fill. Accordingly, she studies "cli-fi" (climate change fiction) in order  to track, interrogate, and generate active responses to the escalating, pressing problems of the Anthropocene. Her dissertation project centers "ecogothic" texts, analyzing the strange resurgence of Gothic tropes in contemporary cli-fi, ultimately arguing for a politics of estrangement and even fear.


  • English
  • Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program


  • Environmental Humanities
  • Feminist Materialisms
  • Cli-Fi (climate change fiction)
  • Anthropocene studies
  • Animal Studies
  • Ecogothic/Ecohorror
  • Vegan Studies/Food Politics



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