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Mackenzie Donnelly



Mackenzie Donnelly was raised by her single mother and her grandmother in their proud Hungarian household in New Jersey. She publishes her work under Mackenzie Schubert (Schubert being her grandmother’s maiden name). Her work can be found at Barrelhouse Magazine, Poached Hare, Typishly, La Piccioletta Barca, and Cathexis Northwest Press. Mackenzie’s work is often centered on her grandmother’s history as one of the 200,000 refugees of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Mackenzie writes from a voice affected by transgenerational trauma of war and fatherlessness, and in her writing, she accesses a space where she discusses the inescapability of being a woman. Mackenzie’s other interests are foreign language and botany, both of which are the most consistent motifs in her poetry. 


  • Literatures in English


Fall 2021


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