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Matthew Kilbane

Matthew Kilbane

Educational Background

Cornell University, MA
Purdue University, MFA
Oberlin College, BA


Matt Kilbane works at the intersection of literary and media studies, with a special focus on twentieth-century American poetry and the relationship of literature to music. His dissertation, "Lyric Accompaniment: Poetry, Media, Society" offers a history of lyric poetry as a sonic medium in transformative negotiation with other, emergent sound technologies of the twentieth century. Convening recent trends in historical poetics with cultural histories of technology, "Lyric Accompaniment" reads lyric's media history from the ledger of poetic form, while also supplying a theoretical framework for apprehending poetry's constitutive transactions with ever-newer media in the twenty-first century. At Cornell and at Purdue University, where he received an M.F.A. in poetry, Matt has taught a variety of courses, including creative writing workshops, broad surveys of our contemporary literary moment, and more specialized investigations of sound art, poetry, and popular music.  


  • English


  • Twentieth-century American literature
  • Poetry and poetics
  • Global modernisms 
  • Media studies 
  • Digital humanities 
  • Critical theory
  • Music and literature 


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