Michaela Brangan


My research and teaching resides at the intersection of literature, law, technology, and politics. I focus on contemporary Anglophone fiction, political economy, intersectionality, and the antinomian links between legal and literary realisms and formalisms. My dissertation, Future Promises: Reconfiguring Contract Realism in Experimental & Speculative Fictions, questions the long-accepted link between the common law contract and formal realism by examining contractual practices in experimental and speculative Anglo-American narratives alongside critical assessments of old and new contract technologies.

Other live projects include collaborative writing about smart contracts with scholars in computer and information science; an analysis of the transatlantic right-to-die movement, manifested in 1970s science fiction; and a reassessment of the legal status of the artwork and the First Amendment in late capitalism. 

Selected Classes Taught/Assisted:

ENGL 1168 "Or of the Press" : Are the Media Free?
ENGL 2880 Legal Science Fictions
ENGL 2050 Contemporary World Literature
ENGL 1168 Imagining the Law
ENGL 3670 The Contemporary American Novel
ENGL 1168 Memoir and Memory

Research Focus

  • Law & Literature
  • Cultural & Media Studies
  • Political & Literary Theory
  • Critical Race Theory