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Peter Gilbert

Fiction Writer

Peter Gilbert

Goldwin Smith Hall

Educational Background

Cornell University, MFA
University of New Hampshire, MA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA


Peter studies the politics, policies, and theories underwriting social and economic inequality. He is particularly interested in neoliberal forms of governance and subjectivity, as well as how these dynamics are represented in late 20th and 21st century film, literature, and journalism. He is currently drafting his first novel: Set in the near future, Foragers concerns a young, extremist couple inflicting acts of domestic terrorism along the west coast, fleeing pursuit of a detective bent on holding them accountable to the justice of a fraying state.


  • English


  • Modernist and postmodernist fiction
  • Social and economic inequalities
  • Politics and policies of financial regulation and economic planning
  • Relationships between terrorism and American-led counterterrorism


Fall 2019

Spring 2020