Resources for Faculty

General Info

Arts & Sciences Info for Faculty: Human resources, research and publishing resources, teaching support, advising resources, faculty center and academic timeline.

Department of Literatures in English Administration: Contact info for staff, including "Ask me about..." for each staff member.

If there are additional resources you'd like to see on this page, contact Emily Parsons.

Advising Undergraduate Students

Data.Arts: Student data, advisee information (current and incoming), unofficial transcript, DUST, major information, Applications to Graduate (Parts I and II), major certification, academic integrity info and advising first-year students.

Faculty Center: Advisee information, student address, phone and current schedule, class lists and grade roster.

For more information, contact Aurora Ricardo.

Advising Graduate Students

Faculty Center: Advisee information, student address, phone and current schedule, class lists and grade rosters.

Code of Legislation of the Graduate Faculty

PhD Procedural Guide

MFA Procedural Guide

TA Handbook: Please see the Canvas Resources for Graduate Students and Lecturers

Graduate School Forms

For more information, contact Amanda Brockner (Graduate Field Coordinator for the MFA program) or Kara Peet (Graduate Field Coordinator for the PhD program).


Faculty Center: Advisee information, student address, phone and current schedule, class lists with pictures and grade rosters.

On-Line Grade Adjustment Application (OLGAA): If you need to assign a failing grade or an incomplete grade for an undergrad student, use this online form. You should also use this form to change a past INC/NGR/grade for both undergrad and grad students. Please note: grad student grade changes are only permitted within a year of the course offering, otherwise the INC/NGR becomes a permanent part of the transcript. Under extenuating circumstances, a petition can be submitted to the Graduate School requesting more time.


Faculty support services for Teaching with Technology

Textbooks: Ordering, course history and textbook verification.

Desk Copies: Contact the publisher directly. Many have online forms; rarely do they require faxed requests on department letterhead. Please note: Some publishers take six weeks to ship. Any charges incurred for desk copies are your responsibility, including the purchase price if your desk copy does not arrive in time. If you are teaching a lecture class and have a teaching assistant or reader, the department will arrange desk copies for them.

Room Reservations: email Karen Kudej with the requested date, time and number of seats needed.

A/V and Technical Needs: Contact Kevin Mathy at 227-5816 or

For more information, contact Karen Kudej.

Getting Paid

Workday is where you will find your paystubs and your W2 advices. You can also use Workday to enroll in or change allocations to direct deposit for payroll, and you can change your department phone number and personal contact information. Two-step login is required for all parts of Workday.

How-to guides for navigating Workday:

For more information, contact Vicky Brevetti.

Spending your Research Funding

You can directly view information about your Research Account(s), including account balances, transactions, and usage summaries, via the online Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIE) dashboards. You can also view basic account information at the PI Dashboard. If you'd like training on how to use either resource, or would like to discuss allowable uses for your research funding, Emily Parsons.

If you are planning a research trip, be sure to contact Emily Parsons before you travel. We highly encourage you to read Cornell's Travel Expense Policy 3.2.

Booking Rooms

To request to use the English Lounge, email Aurora Ricardo with desired date and time. Use of the English Department Lounge expects the requestor to "leave no trace"; please review the Lounge Use Guidelines before you contact Lynn for a reservation.

To reserve a classroom in Goldwin Smith, email Karen Kudej for more information.

To reserve a room in another building, please contact A&S Scheduling at

For more information about events, contact Emily Parsons.

Requesting IT and A/V Support

The Department of Literatures in English does not have any dongles/adapters available for Apple computer users. Please be sure to bring your own whenever you need to use an available screen (the Lounge and GSH 232 are both equipped with large screens). You can also check out a necessary dongle from Olin Library.

To get in touch with IT support: Send an email to outlining your concern.
This will create a ticket, and the next available IT person will follow up on your concern. If you want the department in the loop about your request, be sure to cc Emily Parsons on your initial email.

To request audio/visual support: Contact Kevin Mathy via email to or call 227-5816.

Hiring Students

If you would like to hire a student (undergrad OR grad) or a temporary worker, PLEASE talk with Vicky or Emily first! Graduate students and undergrad students have different caps depending on status for the hours that they can work – we need to determine eligibility before any hiring conversation takes place. Additionally, we can check to see whether the person is already able to be hired and determine what necessary paperwork will need to be done. If you plan on paying for this work from your research funds, you MUST talk with us first, as reimbursement for paying out-of-pocket is not in line with Cornell policy.

Once you have hired a student: All hourly employees now enter their time in Workday. If you supervise an hourly worker (including students in hourly research positions), you will need to make sure that they have submitted their hours and that you have approved them. Best practice stipulates that workers submit their hours every Wednesday, and that their direct supervisors approve submitted hours by no later than Wednesday at 11:59 pm. You can find out more information, and get a useful how-to guide, by going here:

If, after you’ve reviewed the online resources, you still have questions, please talk with Emily (elp25) and/or Vicky (vlb3).


If you need to find an indexer for your current manuscript, talk with Emily Parsons about options and recommended indexers, standard indexing rates, and how to set someone up to get paid by Cornell.