You may sign out a key to the room and the room's AV/podium closets in the English Department office (GSH 250), M-F, 8am-4:30pm.

You will need the AV closet key to access the Lounge screen cabinet key, in order to set up PowerPoint, Skype, DVD, etc.

When you reserve the English Lounge, you are also agreeing to follow the Lounge Use Guidelines below.


(Directions for the AV equipment can be found on the inside of the Lounge closet and Lounge screen cabinet doors. The key to the Lounge screen cabinet is located on a hook inside the Lounge AV closet. Do not disturb the wires in the back of the closet sound system.)

1. If the Lounge screen was used, tidily place all cords and remotes back inside the screen cabinet. Close and lock the screen cabinet door. Replace the screen key on its hook inside the AV closet.

2. If furniture was rearranged, return room to original set-up: four tall tables in a line along the rear wall, four short tables in a line in the center of the room, with the upholstered chairs arranged around them. If used, return stackable chairs to carts: 15 per stack. If podium was used, return it to the Lounge closet.

3. Do not leave any leftover food in the Lounge or refrigerator. Remove all catering supplies from the room. Please give the caterer pickup location instructions.

4. Clear all debris from ledges, tables, countertop, and floor. Wipe clean tables and countertop. Cleaning supplies can be found under the sink.

5. Clean out sink area. Please don't let food scraps clog the drain; put all food scraps in garbage before washing items.

6. Garbage and Recycling:

  • Collect garbage bags from all trash containers, tie ends together. Replace with clean bags (either at bottom of can, or from the extra rolls of garbage bags located in the cabinet under the sink.)

  • Collect recycling (empty bottles, cans, and cardboard–no food debris!) into recycling containers.

7. Take out Garbage and Recycling: Place full trash and recycling bags in the Lounge trash collection area, in the alcove where room 262 is located–out the door, to the left, on left side of hallway.

8. Shut off all lights, air-conditioning, and fans. Close all windows and closet doors.

9. Return keys: If your event ends after 4:30pm, please return the keys by putting them in the English Department's mail drop, located on the mailroom door (GSH 252) next to the English Department's main office. The department's regular hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.